What is Rent-A-SERP ?

Rent A SERP could be a sofware that you simply will produce free native SEO simply, optimize internal links structure for prime rankings on Search Engines or rent each page to a special client or business.

The options Of Rent-A-SERP Theme & Plugin ?

Rent-A-SERP could be a WordPress Theme + Plugin engineered For Ranking & dealings To little Businesses Your Customers are going to be ready To:

Rank native SEO Sites with excellent Internal Link Structure
Rent Those Sites or Specific Pages To native Businesses
Create Sites at intervals ten minutes with no cryptography data.
Have the facility of Google Authorship, Silos, and On-Page SEO.
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More Details: Rent-A-SERP allow you to form Associate in Nursing distinctive theme at intervals two minutes with page specific settings:


distinctive emblem for each page created
distinctive page title, H1s, Alt Tags
Meta Description, Meta Tags, Body Text
distinctive Social media links
distinctive email type header
distinctive telephone number
Youtube video
Testimonial settings
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Who will use Rent-A-SERP ?

This theme was engineered for anybody United Nations agency is serious concerning on-line promoting and extremely needs to rank for native search terms.

If you’re a web mar is extremely helpful so as that your website get the highest one on google et al searketer, building links of native terms is extremly vital in order that this softwarech engines

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